Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why Life In The Age Of Social Media ....

I have decided to share my thoughts from tonight's walk with you. I hope you are ready to be edified and amazed. {*grin*}

It struck me, as Molly and I sprinted home from the sudden rain and lightening storm, that life in the age of social media is a lot like being a clerk in a 7-11 store. In support of this rather strange analogy, consider the following:

LITAOSM (Life In The Age Of Social Media 7-11 Clerk
Random people come and go ditto
Regulars become acquaintances ditto
Regulars disappear with no explanation ditto
The stories told by people may or may not be true ditto
You come to feel you know certain people ditto
Regulars and randoms compete for your attention ditto
Some people are trusted less than others ditto

Now notice the similarity of expression in the prototypical blogger and 7-11 clerk:

The list can go on and on. In fact, your assignment is to add additional experiences that LITAOSM and being a 7-11 clerk share. I can think of at least ten more right off the top - can you?


  1. Hmmmm...I need to think on this one. It is cleaning day over here in my house and my brain is fogged with dust mites.

  2. Could we add "Lots of Empty Hellos" and "Thank you so much!"?

  3. You get to hear everyone's problems, you get to decide if you really want to listen, you know peoples likes and dislikes even if you really rather wish you didn't

  4. mmmm, how about "random people never really notice or pay attention to you unless you do something that catches their attention or you become famous"?


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