Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wet and more Wet

It was sunny until this evening - a real rarity given the rain we have had for the last four days. Nothing like getting inches of rain in the desert to bring on the flash flood warnings and sucking mud in the fields and gardens. At least Molly and I got out for our walk before it rained again this evening.

It has been amusing weather. Last week Molly and I were walking after 10pm so that it would be cool enough to get our 5 miles in without sweating to death. This week we are walking mid-afternoon to stay warm enough not to shiver in the cool. L reported that they even had snow up in the mountains this morning. In a few words, really strange weather of late. At least our melons and squash in the garden seem to be liking it.

Today as Molly and I walked, I listened to "Phantom of the Opera", the original London cast recording version. I have never heard another version where the voices of the phantom and Christine are so piercingly perfect. It gives me goosebumps repeatedly as I listen to it. (I also like it because the full soundtrack is just about the perfect length for a 6 mile walk - the music ends just as I hit the front door step, arriving home - no jarring letdown of other music in mid-walk.) "The Phantom of the Opera" is the best music Andrew Lloyd Webber ever wrote - at least in my opinion.

So here is "The Phantom of the Opera" theme sung by Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford, the original cast members from London:



  1. Wow that is some crazy weather!

  2. That is crazy weather! Still, variety is the spice of life, right? RIGHT?

  3. It is good that you listen to such inspiring music while walking. I should try that approach--me and the doggie simply walk to get it over with.

  4. Seems like crazy weather is traveling around like a virus. We were getting some strange weather here too but now it's just muggy all the time.

    I love the original London cast of The Phantom of the Opera too. You're right about the voices for the Phantom and Christine in this version. You just can't get the same feeling with the other versions.


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