Thursday, June 3, 2010

Odd Thinking Patterns

Lately a number of blog authors that I read are undergoing divorce. It is sad to see it happen. It almost always comes to light with a post announcing that the divorce is pending, seemingly out of the blue.

I always wonder what went wrong, could it have been avoided, is it for the best, etc. All the standard voyeuristic questions that come to mind when watching a train wreck happen in real time. Usually the announcement leaves uncertain whether the event is to be regarded as a good thing for the author or not, which leaves one to ponder how best to comment and react. I suspect that many of us remain silent until the situation is clearer.

It is interesting in another way to a scientist like me. The first  questions that come to my mind are:

  • Was there a definitive set of behaviors visible on the blog that preceded the announcement of the event?
  • Can I use those behaviors to predict other occurrences?

I.e. is there a pattern and can I use it to make predictions that are testable. (The basic definition of any theory in science - if you cannot make testable predictions, it isn't a theory but mere speculation.) 

Now that I have exposed my thinking, what goes through your mind when you read of divorce on some one's blog? Are your thoughts impacted by your personal experience of divorce?
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  1. It's actually really strange but this is the 2nd post I've read today questioning the act of divorcing.

    I don't have any experience with divorce (and never want to be going through one) but when I read blogs where people are talking about their own divorce, I often wonder what happened that caused it. I think the voyeuristic person in me wants to know what is happening that caused such a life changing event.

    I think that divorce is difficult to predict based on what a person blogging behavior since we're only getting one side of a story. These stories also tend to be biased towards the author too so when I hear of divorce, I automatically sympathize with the author since I've only read and know about their thoughts and emotions.

    Ok, now I'm not sure if I'm making any sense...

  2. I am divorced, but remarried. I will tell you that you would have never known I was getting a divorce by my blogging style because most of my friends were shocked by the news. However, I asked them if I ever talked about my marriage, they said no.

    In my case, if I didn't divorce I would have been miserable the rest of my life. There was no fixing our marriage.

    I will say this -- people noticed how much happier I was the moment I separated and tell me I'm a completely different person today because of my divorce.

    Based upon this post, is there something you want to share?

  3. Re: something you want to share. Nope. I am just making an observation on the current wave of divorces amidst the blogs I read.

    (In fact, I am looking forward to celebrating our 35th anniversary in September. {*grin*})

  4. I learned that separating in order to fix a marriage can only lead to divorce. It takes all the things in the marraige that were annoyances and makes them issues, issues become probelems and problems becoem full blown catastropies.


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