Monday, May 24, 2010

Wind, Wind, and More Wind

The wind has been blowing for the last several days here. It has everyone on edge as the howl and gusting is continuous. It even drove the number of calls to the Humane Society to record levels as dogs and cats took to any shelter from the wind. Add to that the fact that the wind was mixed with periodic downpours and a spot of hail and we have had what I like to call a spa treatment weekend: a derm-abrasion via blowing sand, a mud pack due to the rain and flying dirt, and finally a poor man's Swedish massage from the pounding hail. Best of all: no reservation or payment required.

Today the wind finally knocked the basketball hoop head over heels and sent the garbage can and garden carts flying too.

Here's hoping the wind and continued low pressure will abate soon. (Low pressure makes me ache in every joint. Not just me, but I am naturally more attuned to my joints. {*grin*})

(A completely extraneous aside: I just found a huge fly in my coffee. Yuk! Nothing like drowned fly flavoring to make one sprint to spit out the coffee and the corpse of the fly.)

I'll leave you with an ingenious method to avoid putting laundry away, especially if your spouse is at all picky. It is somewhat akin to the prohibition against me washing L's colored laundry. {*grin*}


  1. A z is going to be Andrews' head to bed, truth.

    I map the wind AS the sea pushes air
    With precision vision decision
    And on the line with concentration care
    Can hamper yogI and like from prison!

    Love U smiling Christianly all!z

  2. Wow, your grass looks beautiful! My grass looks like weeds. Maybe because it is weeds. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck....

    I'm surprised you don't like coffee flavored flys. I do believe that's a delicacy here in the deep south. Hahahaha

  3. We don't get much wind here (not like my time in Oklahoma), but I remember how uncomforable it can be. I hope the calm finds you soon--and all outdoor basketball pickup games can continue.

  4. I like the wind but not when I'm in danger of being flattened by a basketball goal. :(

    Yummy fly tea. Isn't that a delicacy in some countries?

  5. Fly tea, fly coffee = retch! Nasty. Not quite as bad as riding a motorcycle and suddenly feeling a fly go down your throat. Jeez, what a feeling.....


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