Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Mystery of ...

Today I played the starring role as the detective in the infamous case of the missing sock and pot-holder. I like to think of it as "The Mystery of the Hungry Dryer."

The case began when I washed some socks and a pair of BBQ sauce soaked pot-holders and other laundry late last night. Just before I headed off to bed, I transferred the load from the washer to the dryer and left it to do its job while I slumbered.
(close to the right model, but my dryer knob is on the left)

Today was busy, so it was after 5pm when I got around to emptying the dryer. As I took the laundry out to put it all away, it became evident that there were only 5 socks and one pot-holder. But, I had put two pot-holders and matched pairs of socks into the wash. Where had the missing items gone? I first checked to make sure that none of the missing items was stuck to other items from the dryer. With the winds over the last few days, static cling has been outrageous. That was followed by a complete "stand on the head and stare" inspection of the dryer interior. Still no pot-holder and friend.
(obviously a re-creation, my high heels are nowhere as sexy {*grin*})

Desperately, I opened the washer and stared with trepidation at the empty interior. No sign of the missing items. At this point I was beginning to doubt my sanity; where could the sock and pot-holder have run off to? I even got a screwdriver and probed under the agitator on the off chance they had somehow hidden there. I even journeyed to the kitchen and looked in the pot-holder drawer to make sure that the missing pot-holder was not there.
(way too neat to be my drawers)

At this point, I was convinced the dryer had gone cannibal on me, eating it's fill of socks and pot-holders with complete impunity. I repeated the search steps once more, but still no joy.

(vicious cannibalistic dryer indeed)

Finally, I got a flashlight and began looking around and behind the washer and dryer. After all, I was sure that the missing pot-holder and sock had been put in the washer, so there were very few places they could have disappeared. I found old fabric softener sheets. I found dust bunnies. And then I found the missing sock and pot-holder.

Case solved.


  1. No wait! Case is NOT solved! How did they end up there? And...would you believe when I looked at those drawers I was admiring your organization and neatness? And then I read your caption. Totally blew all respect I had for you.

    Oh but I did LOL when I read your caption under the head in the dryer with the fancy high heels. So maybe that earned some of it back. Maybe. :)

  2. It's a classic story. A lovely retelling in which I laughed until my tummy hurt. A+

    PS: I answered you on my blog about the phrase "for England" and I was looking in the comments for yours and realized that your comment was on a different post. People are going to think I'm answering imaginary blog friends' imaginary comments. HILARIOUS. I'm leaving it. People think I'm crazy anyway. :)

  3. Ah, the story of the laundry machine and the missing socks... It seems that laundry machines, regardless of its country of origin or current location all do the same things :)

    I think Foursons is correct, the mystery is NOT solved. Who and why are the socks NOT inside the machine? ooo, maybe the machine did it and wanted you to doubt your own sanity. Given how it's a large machine and cannot move very far, it could only hide the items near itself. Sneaky, sneaky machines. See? That's why we shouldn't rely too much on modern machines. They'll take over the world one day.

    Or I could just be watching too much tv.


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