Sunday, May 16, 2010

Expressions of Love

Last night I was listening to music and heard "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton. I regard that song as one of the greatest musical expressions of love ever made. For the rare person who hasn't heard the song:

Why do I think it is the greatest love song ever? Because it takes the mundane events of life and uses them to express the wonder and joy that is love. That someone so special is in your life and that they care about you is one of the real wonders of the world. I think most men have had the thoughts expressed in the song about the one they love, whether they express them aloud or not. (And I also suspect that most women want the person they love to feel this way about them, but that is conjecture on my part.)

L was not home this weekend, so hearing "Wonderful Tonight" was enough to send me into that melancholy mood associated with missing the one you love. Somehow the adoring looks and head in the lap of Molly the wonder dog is not a replacement for time with the one you love. {*grin*}

My melancholy mood led me to think of other love songs. Being a Heart fan, "Crazy On You" immediately came to mind. As opposed to "Wonderful Tonight" which reflects what guys feel about the one they love, "Crazy On You" reflects what guys hope the woman they love feels about them. So without further ado, Heart:

Now that I've shown you a couple of mine, what are some of your favorite love songs?


  1. I really love that song too. I enjoy a lot of Eric Clapton actually!

  2. I also love that song by Eric Clapton :) It would make me swoon if my husband sang that to me.

    Hmmm, my own favorite love songs...I like "When You Say Nothing At All" by Ronan Keating. I also like "Greatest Story Ever Told" by Oliver James. Neither are quite the classic as Clapton's but they're both nice. I also have a few that are in Japanese but I'm never too sure if I have the lyrics interpreted correctly :)

  3. I like Wonderful Tonight, too. I don't think I could even begin to choose a favorite, though. I wouldn't know where to begin!


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