Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Chatterbox

I was forcibly reminded of just how out-going and talkative third grade girls can be today. I had just finished mowing the lawn when the door bell rang and a young woman from down the street and her daughter were at the door. Of course Molly was going wild hoping to get petted, the daughter was in heaven to spot a new dog to play with, and we adults were just trying not to get trampled in the ensuing brouhaha.

The mother had remembered that I used to be the mayor and was hoping I could tell her who to see to solve a problem at one of the grade schools. I had to disappoint her and tell her that it was something that the school district would have to fix if it was possible to fix. (The issue was traffic in the pick-up lane at an elementary school. But the pick-up lane is actually on school property and exempt from municipal traffic laws.)

I gave her the names of a couple of people that might be able to assist with the problem  and then we visited for a bit. All the while her daughter was chattering on and playing with the dog. From the very talkative third grader I learned all sorts of information in the form of a continuous monologue in my other ear. Mom and daughter stereo if you will.

From the daughter I learned:

  • She was in the third grade.
  • She likes dogs.
  • Her dog liked to chase squirrels and birds too.
  • Her dog had recently died.
  • What was my dogs name?
  • She liked my dog, especially her big bushy tail.
  • When they moved here, her mom gave her other dog away since they couldn't bring the dog with them and OMG, she didn't tell her about what she had done until after they were moved and that was just so wrong of mom.
  • She likes to play basketball, did I?
  • She would really like a basketball hoop like the one on the side of our driveway.
  • Was I really sure I wouldn't like to play basketball.
  • Did I know her dog had died.
  • Could Molly come and play with her sometime.
  • Did I like mowing the grass? Her dad just hated to mow the grass.
  • Why was my yard bigger than her yard?
  • Did Molly have any toys to play with outside/

I'm sure I could have learned any number of other facts, but mom had to get back since she had left dad in charge of the baby. You just never know what your are going to learn when you open the door around here.


  1. I can picture that. Some kids are just so friendly. I would have been SILENT. I've made up for it in my adulthood, though.

  2. Hahahaha- it's not just 3rd grade girls, I think it's all kids that age!

  3. LOL, some kids are like that. You did well to listen to both mom and kid at the same time.

  4. She may be doing interviews on CNN soon enough! Funny story. Surprised that she didn't ask you to have a one on one game!!

  5. Ah, kids. So innocent...and they can never keep anything secret or to themselves. Ellie hasn't started talking yet but the husband is wishing she could so he wouldn't be so frustrated with her. I fear that when she does, it'll be like opening up Pandora's box.

  6. Ha - I can just hear her. I was that child. Hell, I'm STILL that child. I tend to go into over-share mode :)

  7. I really got a sense of the chatter.


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