Thursday, September 17, 2009

Garage Sale Ho!

It's Friday and I'm in the throes of preparing for our once every seven years garage sale. Thus it's time for

Five Hazards Of  Garage Sales

  • Seeing just how much junk you have accumulated. Neotoma cinerea has nothing on me.
  • Realizing that many of the items you treasure for their emotional importance to you are quite literally priceless - as in no one would pay a wooden nickel for them.
  • Finding that particular doodad you stored away so carefully so that you wouldn't have to buy a new one when the one in use died. Of course you have already replaced said doodad several times, buying a new one each time because you couldn't find the one you so carefully stored away.
  • Feeling gritty and dirty because of all the dust you keep digging through in the stacks of junk that hasn't seen the light of day for years. After all, who moves and dusts their junk stacks unless it is time for a garage sale?
  • Dreading the coming of the Saturday morning early-lookie-loos. You know, the people who believe that if you said you were opening at 8am, they should be able to stop in and cherry pick at 7am. The same people who will ring your doorbell continuously until you stumble to the door at 6:45am just to inquire if you won't let them have a quick look before they start lobbying for the 7am cherry feeding frenzy. Those people.


  1. How about it you come to my house and decide what is useless (I can't throw anything out, what if I need it?) and I'll go to your place and do the same. but, oh, that probably won't work. I would take all your useless stuff home and you'd take mine home and then we'd have useless but unfamiliar stuff cluttering up the houses.

  2. Rather you than me Dan. I would rather give my junk away free!

  3. Can you organize my garage sale? You sound like a pro! I don't like those early bird browsers either. Hope you make some good money!

  4. Here's hoping you had a good turn out.

  5. I love/hate those early birds. Partly, i like them because they buy things that I dont then have to set out, and they help unpack. But then they can be in the way. And you dont know what pile is yours and which is theirs. And neither do the other people who come along. Ugg.. I decided I hate them :D

  6. I HATE THOSE PEOPLE!! Or the ones who never want to pay what you have it marked!! For pete's sake it is only a freaking quarter! No matter how bad I want rid of that item I always say NO because they just tick me off! If you could see my garage, you would understand how bad I must hate hosting garage sales b/c it is chuck full of CRAP that I need!!


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