Thursday, September 17, 2009

What I'd Really Like To Know

Some more fun topics for Mama Kat's Writer's Challenge this week!

My time is short as I sort out junk priceless items for our garage sale this weekend. After all, who knew I had more than twenty old mice in a cupboard, even some that might be computer antiques. It is not like I will be using them in the future - some of them even have the old serial port interface. Try and find a modern computer with a nine-pin serial port in this day and age. {*grin*} But someone may find them useful for building their next robot!

Because of the time situation, I am going to break with my tradition and only going to address one of the topics this week. But you should hurry over to Mama Kat's and join in the fun while I dredge yet more junk priceless items up to display and sell.

4.) If your pet could talk, what would you want to know? (inspired by KK from Kamp KK (but not the KKK))

First off, i suspect Molly would take issue with the idea that she can't talk. After all, if someone can gaze at you with these guilt inducing peepers, how can you claim they can't talk?

In any case, here are three things I'd really appreciate Molly deigning to answer for me. It's not that I haven't asked her, it's more that I haven't been able to grok the answer. (Go ahead and look that word up, we'll wait. To all the Heinlein fans out there who caught the reference, let us share water!)

The first question is simple: Why do you find it vitally important to try and herd the birds and squirrels in the back yard? It's not like you have any purpose in bouncing around like mad trying to get them to obey you. Admittedly, it may serve as your doggie version of a daily aerobics class - after all, jumping higher than your head a few hundred times a day has to keep you in pretty good shape. But you are a much smarter dog than that. You have to have figured out by now that you cannot reach the power line where the squirrels run to and fro and you certainly can't catch the birds as they twit back and forth.

The second question is a bit more philosophical: What do you think about as you spend hours scanning the horizon? I know that you are hoping that a bunch of sheep will suddenly materialize in front of you to fulfill your inbred herding fantasies, but like me and my fantasy of a beautiful harem of lovely ladies suddenly appearing in my den, it just isn't going to happen. We're both old enough to realize that now. So why do you sit and stare for hours like this?

And finally, what is it that turns you from she-who-must-investigate-everything and she-who-must-protect-all-in-her-domain into the quivering mass of nerves acting like a needy 2 year old when there is thunder in the area. It's not that I don't enjoy the quivering wet nose on my leg. It's not that I dislike the whimpering and the putting of your head and then paws on me to make sure I'm ready to give you reassurance. But it just doesn't fit in with the fearless way you investiate every thing you see and the protective way you guard L and myself from the unknown. Besides, it leaves you so worn out after the storm. It's really hard to see you looking so wasted after the storm has passed.


  1. Poor Molly puppy - those storms are just too loud for her and she cant see where the noise is coming from.

    Sometimes she sits and thinks - and sometimes she justs sits....

  2. Molly is a beautiful dog! Really lovely! Her aerobics class all by herself sounds fun! : ) Dogs are such lovely companions aren't they? My cousin Molly Sue just had her 4th baby boy yesterday.

  3. I love the questions you've associated with the pictures. I bet they really are only thinking about squirrels, birds, food, water and best friend (aka owner)....and how can I score what my owner is eating?

  4. Ahhh...but does Molly try to herd UPS and FedEx trucks too?

    My question to Harley would involve asking him why he can't tell the difference between sheep and trucks.

  5. awwww.... too cute. my dogs too.. hide under the bed during thunder or fire works.. but bark like mad at anyone coming by.

    there's a song written by MatchBox 20's Rob Thomas... " little wonders."

    He wrote it after seeing his dog.. just content.. sitting.. eyes closed.. ears gently blowing in the wind..


    your horizon comment reminded me of it. it's a pretty song.

  6. My dog I had growing up hated thunder too, so maybe it is a dog thing.
    I often wonder the same things about my kids... what are they thinking? :)
    Great job! Came by from you link at Mama Kat's

  7. That last picture has her looking so pitiful. That's funny that she tries to herd the backyard animals.

    She's really a pretty dog, Dan.

  8. What a great post. I am a sucker for furry faces. And, you bet, I'd like similar answers from my cat. We've had lots of cats with a wide variety of personalities. Stormy (whose name was chosen before we knew this about her) would sit on the window sill and delightfully watch thunder and lightning, while every other cat we've had would run to the basement or whimper in front of the basement door if it were closed.

    My response to Mama Kat's writing workshop is HERE.

  9. She's so can just see it in those eyes. Poor thing.


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