Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Popourri Of Oddness

Yippeeeeee - no jury duty for me today. When I called last night, the trial was indeed called off. So I missed out on the coffee and donuts, but my health thanks me for that.

Tonight was a preliminary look at the budget for the city. In one of those strange oddities that I have never understood, the budget for next year will be set and the public hearing held and the budget adopted just before the new mayor and council are seated. So the newbies get an already done budget when they are seated. Of course, they could chose to start over, but I cannot remember ever hearing of a newly seated council wanting to open that can of worms. Not to mention that by statute, the budget has to have been set, public hearings held, and the budget adopted all within a two week period. Thus we have work sessions like this to kick the tires and get the glitches fixed before the clock starts ticking with the official "presentation" of the budget. Are you bored enough yet?

(As I type this, my last.fm station is playing Cream's White Room. Given the stellar music Cream produced in the short time they hung together, I've always wondered what heights they would have scaled if they could have stood each other for just a bit longer. Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, and Jack Bruce were the epitome of heavy music of the period. And perhaps the greatest guitarist, drummer, and bassist of the time all in one band. One relatively unknown pleasure I still love from college was Baker-Gurvitz Army, Ginger Baker's follow on group. And of course you already know I love Clapton.)

So here is a set for your enjoyment! First up Cream and "White Room":

Followed by a little up tempo "People" by Baker-Gurvitz Army from my graduate school days:

And then for the penultimate experience of the music of the time - Cream with "Sunshine of Your Love" (check out the facial expressions on Ginger during his drum moments and contrast that with the early heroin addition glaze of Clapton):

My job here is done. Time to get ready for the radio show in the morning.


  1. Wow...what memories!!!

    But to quote my mother at the time "they are a bunch of G'damned, long-haired, hippie druggies".

    I don't think she ever really appreciated the genre of our generation ;)

  2. Thanks for sending some music "love" out there to all of us!

  3. Any chance you can help budget the PA state budget after you get done with yours? Still waiting here...more than 90 days late.

  4. I am always afraid to even bring up the topic of jury duty without knocking on wood.

  5. What are you going to do once your term is over?

    Will you miss being mayor?

    Did you like the Yardbirds? When I was introduced to a co-worker at my last job, she was introduced as the ex-wife of Chris Dreja. I was okay, who is that? I immediately got a lesson on the Yardbirds and all the members of the group.


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