Thursday, July 2, 2009

Five "Instruments" ...

Time once more for

(Hosted by Angela, who gave me this award
the Premios Dardo that I now am figuring out which 15 others to pass it on to.)

Five "Instruments" That Should Have Been Omitted From The Symphony Early This Morning

  • The caterwauling female cat looking desperately for male companionship under my bedroom window.
  • The wildly barking Molly dog trying to open the sliding door to have a few words with the aforementioned cat.
  • The crows who chose to dive bomb and caw at said cat, hoping to drive it out of their territory.
  • The mourning doves that felt they had to get their mournful coos in with all the other noise.
  • The train engineer that just had to sit on his horn to put a real edge on things.

Needless to say, further sleep was impossible after being roused by that cacophony.


  1. At least you could sleep through the doves. However, you definitely can't with any of the others.

  2. oH MY!! Cats outside windows.....sad to say I have more than my fair share. Growing up there was bushes in front of mine and my sister's bedroom windows. Our neighbor literally had around 30 that used to breed in those bushes!!! OH HOW I HATED THOSE CATS!!! Nothing worse than a female cat in heat while you are trying to sleep! With all of that you had going on, sounds like you need some ear plugs!!


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