Monday, July 6, 2009

Meandering Monday

Early this morning L headed back to the mountains. A slight difference of climate between the two locales. When we talked this afternoon, it was in the fifties in the mountains but pushing the mid-nineties here on the plains. At least tonight there was no more of the anomalous rain here.

Speaking of rain, it was amusing this morning to count the number of people who drove up along side me as I was walking to banter about the storm of last night. I can't count the number of people who asked what I did to cause all this rain. I finally fessed up and told them that the rain of last night was due to the fact that I watered my lawn, thus tempting the rain gods. To understand why this is funny, you need to understand that in a normal summer out here you have to water your lawn every other day or so or it turns brown and dies. The watering I did on Sunday afternoon was only the third time I have watered my lawn *all year* this year. Think we have been getting a bit of anomalous moisture?

It was interesting the number of odd calls I got today as well. I've never figured out how people always know to call at the most inopportune times. No calls early in the morning, just a couple of emails saying call me about this and that. But the minute I walked outside on my way over to do the morning therapy session with XXX, my phone was busy the entire walk to and from XXX's. Got back to my office and not another call until in the afternoon. I've taken to walking with my cellular headset (I prefer the wired one rather than the blue tooth one) in my ear and plugged in. Makes me suspect there is a lookout posted that tells everyone to call me as soon as I walk out the door.

Supper tonight was packed with things from the garden. Raw turnips, peeled and lightly salted. A salad with fresh picked chopped green onions, Chinese peas, sliced radishes (both white and red), lettuce, and a touch of chopped cucumber. Pretty close to vegetarian if I hadn't had that macaroon for desert. I am looking forward to later when our cucumbers and peppers start getting ready.

My final meeting of the day was the Boy Scout Troop Committee meeting tonight. Once again the topic was all the rain and weather we've been having. Got the real business done along with the normal bs'ing and headed back home in time to see that the Rockies managed to win - must have been because they didn't have to call on the bull pen.

Molly the dog is still lying around and moping, morning L's departure. I have faith Molly will be back up to her normal "let's go, c'mom, let's go" personality by sunrise. So I guess I'd better head for the bed so I can be ready when she is. Nothing is worse than the smell of doggie breath and a mouth full of fur when she jumps up on the side of the bed to make sure you are getting with the program and you aren't up yet. Goodnight.


  1. Isn't it amazing how a tremendous amount of rainy weather will generate so many conversations?

    Since watering your lawn brought on last night's storm, I suggest you don't wash your car for a bit. Might have a repeat of the weekend's weather.

  2. When a lawn starts to turn, there's very little you can do to stop it. I generally lose mine in July, except for weeds. Those thrive.


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