Thursday, July 9, 2009

Five Signs Of Being Confuzzled

Time once more for

Five Signs Of Being Confuzzled

(Confuzzled - the state of being fuzzy and confused due to doing too many things at once.)

  • Getting called by L in the wee hours of the morning because the bears (momma and two cubs) are in the garbage again in the mountains. And my first thought is that it is not like I'm going to be able do anything from more than 3 hours away.
  • Waking up at the (relatively) late hour of 7am and already having three messages waiting on the phone.
  • Planning to mosey over to XXX's mid-morning to do her therapy and getting nailed by call after call before I can get out the door.
  • Walking over to XXX's and thinking my right shoe doesn't feel right; shrugging it off to just not tying the laces tight enough. Without ever looking down at my feet!
  • Returning from XXX's and taking off my shoes to change out of my walking shoes and back to my around-the-office shoes only to discover this:
Notice that the left foot has my standard lace up walking shoe on while the right foot has my around-the-office strap on shoe on. Is it any wonder that the right foot felt like I hadn't tied it tight? I must have been so confuzzled by the spate of phone calls as I was attempting to get out the door that I only got one shoe changed. Highly observant of me, I know. At least they weren't different colors!


  1. BAHAHAHAHAHA at the shoes, that pic is so funny....... at least they are the same colour

  2. dying laughing at 6:40 AM!! Thanks for the guffaws (sp?) this morning.

  3. "Waking up at the (relatively) late hour of 7am and already having three messages waiting on the phone."

    Okay, that is just WRONG!


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