Monday, July 13, 2009

You Knew It Had ....

You knew it had to be true, but now there is now scientific evidence that cats control their humans. From the July 14 issue of Current Biology as reported by the news services, cats control humans by their purr/cries. For the full LiveScience article, click here.

I don't know if anyone is really surprised by the findings given that previous research that showed the similarities between cat cries and human infant cries. Couple that with the seemingly limitless ability of humans to not ignore the cries of infants and you have a pretty strong method of control if dear old pussy adds the right sonic triggers to her cry. And that seems to be exactly what the cats have learned/adapted to doing. Lead researcher McComb said she thinks this cry occurs at a low level in cats' normal purring, "but we think that cats learn to dramatically exaggerate it when it proves effective in generating a response from humans."

So now we have cats learning to control us by sonic means,  dogs learning to control us by making goo-goo eyes at us, and our infants doing both. Ever wondered if you are the last person to catch on to the fact that everyone and everything in the world is out to influence you? I certainly have.

Now the question is if this research can explain the cat lady phenomena. There must be some reason for the existance of cat ladies. I'm begining to think it is all a plot by the cats of the world. What do you think?

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  1. Well there you scientist guys go again..being all useful. I'm glad I now have definitive proof that my feline friend really does not have my best interest at heart, mind-controlling little bastard. That's ok, I'll just keep some ear plugs nearby and if for some reason he corners me without them I will simply stick my fingers in my ears and yell, ""LA, LA, LA, LA, LA". That will fix 'em.


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