Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Tonight's post comes to you as a collection of disjointed ramblings. Welcome to my mind. {*grin*}

Topic 1:
After an enjoyable Easter weekend, L headed back to the mountains this morning. Of course, that meant that Molly was in a sad and inconsolable state. I thought about adding a picture, but decided to be kind to Molly.
(I lied, Molly got pictured anyway.) This evening, I convinced Molly that a walk would be a fun thing. It seems like a lot of people we knew were out and about. In the course of walking 6 miles, Molly and I saw (and walked for a bit) with at least 5 groups of people and dogs we knew. It perked Molly up a bit. I suspect that she will be back to her chipper self by tomorrow.

Topic 2:
I suspect all of us remember the music of the Bangles from the 80's and 90's. When they broke up, I didn't follow any of the members solo careers. I was not even overly enthused by their reunion for the Austin Power's soundtrack song "Get the Girl". So I was pleasantly surprised to find this duet by former Bangles lead singer Susanna Hoffs and Matthew Sweet. Her voice has matured and she now reminds me a bit of a cross between Joni Mitchell and Janis Joplin. Enjoy.

They got together to do an album of hits from the 60's with startlingly good results. I encourage you to dig the tracks up (The album is "Under the Covers, Vol. 1") and take a listen.

Topic 3:
Easter was a nice day. Good conversation, good food, with mom and L's mom and friends, and then a nice long walk in springlike weather. And the weather wasn't quite so nice that I had to work on the yard or get started in the garden. Laziness with no guilt, what more could one ask for?

Topic 4:
Back to writing a monograph (not really, more a series of press releases and radio spots) with the enthusing working title 'Rabies, Your Pet, and You'. There has been an outbreak of rabies in skunks and muskrats in the area in the last month that has resulted in several attacks on humans and their pets, so it is time to remind people to make sure their pet vaccinations are up to date and to avoid possibly rabid animals. Most dog owners are pretty good about staying up to date on vaccinations, but many cat lovers fail to realize that cases of rabies in cats have become more prevalent than in dogs in recent years and so fail to keep their cats vaccinated. Back to the salt mine.


  1. Yikes rabies..no thank you! I loved that video..I didn't even realize any of them had solo careers..bad me.

  2. Poor Molly. I hope she's perky again soon.
    We don't have rabies much here so it's not even a required vaccination. It makes me shudder coming from an area where they knock on your door periodically to see that all of your animals have their rabies papers. Instead we have to deal with the dredded LUNG WORM.

    I bet you never expected a comment about lung worms. Happy Tuesday.

  3. Poor Molly, that is the saddest picture. I wonder if L were to stay and you were to leave if she'd be that sad?

    I love "laziness with no guilt". Sometimes that is the perfect day.

  4. Wow, 6 miles? That's quite a walk around the block!

    Glad the weather cooperated and that you were able to enjoy Easter with out having to labor in the yard. Very nice of Mother Nature!

  5. Aww... Molly looks completely despondent. Poor puppy dog :(


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