Monday, April 12, 2010

Grrr Day

I hate getting suckered. Today I wasted four hours of a perfectly nice (albeit windy and pollen filled) day attending a meeting I would not have attended had the true agenda been published. Grrrr.

Then I had a Boy Scout committee meeting tonight that ran a bit long. The actual business of the meeting should have been completed in less than a half hour. The meeting lasted ninety minutes after all the asides and reminisces. So all in all, close to six hours of my time were wasted today in pointless or needless activities. Grrr.

The wind is howling outside, making noises and rattling the windows. Days (and nights) like this are somewhat akin to the Santa Ana winds in SoCal. Everything feels a bit out of kilter and unsettled and the gusting noises and random bangs and booms from the wind keeps nerves on edge. Grrr.

(Painting: Gust of Wind - Corot)

What are your Grrrs for the day?


  1. Sorry you got stuck in the meetings for such a large portion of your day.

  2. Ugh I hate meetings that are longer than necessary too. My grrrs are having no toilet in the house and the pollen making me sound like I have cotton stuffed in every hole in my head.

  3. My personal rule is that almost every meeting can be done in no more than 60 minutes. As you say it does require organization and pre-meeting preparation, but it is respectful to value the time of others with a 1 hour limit.

    For another grr on meetings, I attended my first advisory group meeting for a non-profit the other day. The fellow running the meeting starts with: "Ok, first we are going to complete a needs assessment.." and then lists 3 other things.

    I quickly deduced that this meeting will not be of the 60 minute variety and that the moderator does not have a clue what is involved in a needs assessment--it was tempting to interrupt him to ask though.

  4. Those are not fun meetings. I've been having some GRRR moments as we try to deal with recruiters during my husband's job hunt. They put him through such a grilling and then seem annoyed when the job seeker has a question!!

  5. I've been the one who says, "Death. Want death." in many of my meetings at the bank I worked for. Funny.

    My grrr moment was waking up with a backache. I mean...I didn't even do anything interesting to get it. It just appeared stealthily in the night. Stupid backache. GRRRR.


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