Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Five Oddest ...

Time for Friday High Five hosted by Angela

The Five Oddest Phone Calls I Received This Week

  • The rather confused gentleman who, when I answered,  introduced himself and then wanted to know if I desired to purchase his nearly new snow blower. Once I got over the utter confusion of why a stranger was calling me to peddle a snow blower on an 89 degree day, the story quickly came out - he knew I shoveled by hand and so he thought I might be the one to buy his beloved snow blower since he was moving to Florida. I had to tell him that I shovel for the exercise, so no I didn't need hos snow blower.

  • The unknown lady who purse dialed me not once, but three times this week. Listening to her attempt to discipline her children might have been interesting, but the episode of kissy face with Mr. Unknown was a bit too much. I am tempted to call her cell and make a rude comment, but ....

  • The mechanical voice that sounded like a 1940's movie robot. Once I finally had time to listen to the call all the way through, it was from the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) reminding me that they had special renewal offers for early renewal this year.

  • The gentleman who called me and wanted to know if the city might not want to buy or have him buy the regional medical center. He was convinced that the current system would sell it to him cheap and that we (the city) could make a mint owning and running the hospital.The county finally got rid of the hospital in the 1980's because it was such a money pit. Current conditions are no better, so I don't think we want to do it. The problem is that the gentleman in question could very well shell out a few $million$ from pocket change and then give us the hospital. So I had to spend some time convincing him not to do anything rash.

  • The Spanish speaking senorita who called for three straight evenings at precisely 9pm and refused to believe me when I tried to explain the there was no one named Jose at this number. Evidentially Jose gave this number to the senorita and she desperately wants to talk to him. Wonder what the back story is there?


  1. Wow! These were all in ONE week??? What a bunch of weird calls. I don't think I get this many in a year! But then I'm not a mayor and a target for all kinds of wack jobs--er, I mean upstanding good citizens.

  2. Jumped over from Angela's blog. You do get some unique calls. Maybe you should start keeping a journal of these calls over the years. There may be a book in here somewhere :)

  3. Wow can I be your receptionist and answer your calls! Much better than the calls I receive~! I esp. like the purse dialer. I get tons of contacts that pocket dial since I am normally first in the contact list. Most of all my brother who runs a lawn care company so I hear lots of mowers!!


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