Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Event That Was

The volunteer appreciation and recruitment event for the humane society (and new facility construction update) was this evening. I was more than happy that it was held in a nice air conditioned gallery as the outside temperatures today soared into the high nineties. Made it a lot of fun lugging stuff into the gallery. {*grin*}

Tomorrow is the BBQ for Relay for Life, so I'll have to mosey over and eat and throw a few balls at the dunk tank victims. Of course it probably won't be as hot just to make it less enjoyable for the dunkees. It always amazed me that I made it through three terms as mayor without being railroaded into being a dunk tank victim for the event. There is a lot to be said for glaring and looking unpleasant. {*grin*}

Am I the only one who finds that the year is getting away from them? It seems that time is flying by and always catching me unawares. The older I get, the faster time seems to move. I just know that one of these days I am going to look around and it will already be next year. Do you ever feel that way?


  1. Schools out in 3 days...ummm yeah the year is getting away fromme

  2. It absolutely flies by. You're not kidding! It seems like we just entered '11.

  3. Time has been flying by quite fast this year. Then again, there are days where it feels like I'm stuck in a moment forever especially when those days involve a 2 year old who throws tantrums at a drop of a pin. :)

  4. Yes, time is certainly flying! At least you aren't whining about snow this month. LOL


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