Monday, May 30, 2011

Once There Was A ...

A short fairy tale of woe and doom. Once upon a time there was a company named Google who also happened to own another company called Blogger. One fine day, one product of Google ceased to work with the only product of Blogger. True to form, Google acknowledged there was a problem for some users and proclaimed that they were working on the issue. After weeks of problems logging in to Blogger using Google's Chrome browser, today it seems to work mostly work correctly again. You might think that such idiocy wouldn't happen with products all under one owner like that, but ... So the moral of the story? Not even all the ducks in one family swim together is a straight line all the time.

In any case, today was Memorial Day and it was a nice and slightly cool day until about 4pm when the forecast 50 mile an hour winds and hail hit. It all cleared out in time for me to fire up the BBQ to cook for the small celebratory crew of L, her mother, my mother, and me. So we had a great repast and sat around the table talking for a bit over desert. All in all a very pleasant evening.

One of the topics of conversation was the question: Do you count relatives by marriage as "relations" or not? The original train of thought came about from L and my attendance at a high school graduation party for the daughter of a golfing buddy. At said party we ran into a person who is related via marriage to me through the fact that he is the cousin of my uncle's wife. We also ran into the brother of another aunt's late husband. I would consider those all relatives (even if a bit distant). On the other hand some people do not consider any marriage tag-a-logs other than spouses to be relatives. So what do you think?

(Those of you who share my devotion to science fiction will find the names more meaningful. {*grin*})


  1. Blogger login to comment--definite grr.

    I don't personally count relatives by marriage as relations, but had not really thought about it. Perhaps, if it involved a large sum of money I would flop on the issue.

  2. I consider them relatives, but I also consider them to be hanging by a thread. ;)

    That issue with blogger was maddening, wasn't it?

  3. I consider them relatives. There are some people I call relatives that I really don't know how I'm related to.

  4. I basically hate all relatives so ... I was an only child, relatives just screw things up.

    Do I acknowledge them? My cousin's kid, yeah, I suppose. I really don't know what I would do if my ex-wife's niece looked me up!

  5. Oh, why don't you just use Firefox. No problem with blogger! LOL As an ex-programmer, I just love it!


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