Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm Back ...

Or at least trying to be.

Blogger has made it darn hard to get back. Somehow they broke their interface when using Chrome and LastPass. The little light bulb above my pointy head finally turned on and I fired up another browser to login and do this post. It doesn't seem to have been a good month for Blogger. This has been the worst period for outages and odd errors since I started writing this blog. I sure hope it is not a harbinger of the future!

So just to get everyone up to date, this has been a month of getting some gardening stuff done (and the onions all planted) and the arrival of spring weather. Out here in the semi-desert the coming of spring means thunderstorms and sometimes even rain. This month has been a wet one compared to most years - one of the continuing changes due to climate change. The winters have been geting dryer and the springs wetter and more stormy. So now we are waiting for it to dry out enought to get the rest of the garden planted. And of course once it is planted, that will be the last moisture we will see for the rest of the growing season. {*grin*}

Time to get back to work preparing for an upcoming Humane Society event. Now that I have a way around the Blogger idiosyncrasies, I hope to post regularly again.

I'll leave you with one of the better editorial comments on the recent Blogger shenanigans from The Odd Blog:
Caption: Ann Althouse, relaxing at an undisclosed location following the attempt on her life by Blogger.


  1. Blogger has been giving me issues today. It's not letting me leave comments. Let's see if I outsmarted it this time.

  2. Holy cow! That took me like 5 tries before I could leave a comment. Nutty!

  3. I love Spring, but I hate all the thunderstorms that seem to go along with it!

  4. Interesting about Chrome - I'm stuck on Firefox and while there have been a few moments it hasn't been serious. You'd think Google would have it's own world in sync. (Yeah, silly me!)

  5. I'm so glad I skipped Blogger and started using wordpress on my own domain :) Maybe a little overkill for just a blog but much easier for me to control.

    Glad to see that you're back!


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