Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh My!

I had a whole slew of semi-serious topics I planned to talk about, but then I took a left turn and all you get is this. {*grin*}

As I was taking my pills this morning, I was struck by the thought that the drain in my sink has to be the healthiest drain anywhere. For more than 20 years it has dutifully eaten every pill and drug to slip from my fingers in the morning with nary a burp or belch. It obviously has low cholesterol from the statins and niacin it has stolen. It is on a balanced diet supplemented with all the vitamins it has swallowed as they tumbled from my hand due to sleep blurred vision. It has every once in a while even taken a dose of insulin that would kill a cow when a vial was dropped. And yet it keeps right on waiting for the next tidbit to fall its way.

So far as I can tell, the only substance to ever cause it indigestion is the stubble from my beard mixed with shaving cream. Even then, adding a bit of Drano to the mix seems to set all to right once more.

I figure it will still be gobbling things up long after I am gone.


  1. Ha! Your inspiration for this post over more serious topics has me going, "Hmmmmm..." Hahaha

  2. That post was not what i expected

  3. Hee. Interesting turn you took :)

    Our drain is not as healthy. It's technically abused quite often between my husband's hair stubbles and the loose strands of long hair that comes from me.

  4. I'm having trouble believing I'm reading a blog about drain humor. It just doesn't seem right!


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