Monday, March 21, 2011

Mishmash -or- How the mind rambles on

It was a glorious weekend here with temperatures in the 70s and winds mostly below 25 mph. L and I spent time walking with Molly, enjoying the sun in shorts and Ts. Spring must really be getting here. (Although I note that the weather forecast for the rest of this week is for wind and more wind. There is a reason why this area is famed as the "Saudi Light" of wind for all the wind turbines in the energy fields.)
(Photo by Wolfgang Schlegl )

Of course, there is a blizzard coming. Why you might ask? Well, I was in attendance at church on Sunday with L and the MIL. L and I snuck in late and hid in the back so mom wouldn't see me. She was being awarded with the Silent Disciple honor and it was a secret that she didn't know about. (One of the few times I knew something church related that mom didn't. {*grin*}) The award clearly caught mom by surprise and she was moved to tears. It was great to see all her peers congratulating her. Yea mom! (The reason for the blizzard is the rarity of my attendance at Sunday services. Once every 3-5 years is about right. I am more than willing to work and help, I just don't like Sunday services.)

I had to write a dunning letter this weekend, an experience that is fortunately rare. As some of you know, I sit on a Boy Scout troop committee and serve as treasurer for the troop as well. (This is the same troop I was a scout in and the Son was a scout in ... as described here and here.) One of the checks from the annual popcorn sale was returned for NSF.

This is a rare happenstance - it was only the second bad check in all the years I have been the treasurer for the troop. Two bad checks out of literally hundreds or even thousands is a pretty good record. It bears out my belief that people in this area honor their commitments and understand that the funds raised go to defray the costs of going on summer camps at places like Yellowstone, etc. Many of the boys would not be able to afford the expense of the summer camp trip without the mechanism of popcorn sales and the community steps up to help. In the back of my mind, I assume it was just a mistake on the check writer's part.

Last but not least, the taxes are done. L balanced it out pretty close - we ended up owing the state a whole $3. I think we can handle that. {*grin*}


  1. I don't know, $3 just might break the bank. Forget stopping at McDonald's and ordering off the dollar menu this week.

    So what happens w/the bounced check for scouts? Does the Troop just eat the cost? Hahaha- no pun intended but it was a good one, wasn't it?!

    I just put Weed n Feed on my lawn so spring has definitely arrived here!

  2. Those wind turbines are so creepy to me!

    That's so cool about your mom!

  3. jealous that your taxes are done


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