Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Random Thoughts

It's 3pm and the thermometer has finally hit a blazing 10 degrees, but the wind chill has never gotten above -5. This morning at 9am it was still -10 degrees with a wind chill around -25. What you might call a slight cold spell typical of January. Looks a bit like this:

The bad part about the cold is the timing.  I am a pallbearer at a funeral tomorrow and the indoor part of the service will be no problem, but the cemetery is out on the plains with no shelter from the wind and the cold. He was a military veteran, so the graveside part of the service may run on for a bit by the time the secular and military services conclude. I'm just hoping it is above 5 degrees by that time and that the services proceed apace.

On a completely unrelated note, there are bald eagles gathering in the area for the winter this year. A rarity somewhat symptomatic of climate change and of improved fishing at the reservoir.. They are out by the reservoir as is their wont, munching fish, sitting in cottonwood trees, etc. At least 20 adult and younger eagles are hanging about. Earlier (before the snow and cold) they looked like this:
(Photo by Jessica Elbert and TheDenverChannel.com)

Now it is a bit colder and snowier and they look a bit cooler:
A sight I never thought I'd see in this area. It's good that the eagles are recovering.


  1. I had no idea eagles changed colors w/the weather. What an amazing sight to be able to see them. Are your pictures Googled or did you take them?

    Sorry to hear about the funeral.

  2. that is a beautiful picture. I hope the funeral goes smoothly and quickly.

  3. I hope you can stay warm during the funeral. It wouldn't be good if you caught a chill from being outside for so long. I have absolutely no concept of what it's like to be outside in weather that cold but I imagine it's probably going to make you uncomfortable, right?

    I think it's pretty cool that you've seen bald eagles around your area.

  4. How fantastic that you have eagles nearby. They're remarkable.

    I hope you make it through the funeral proceedings without frostbite. Good luck!


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