Monday, January 10, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's ...

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to shovel snow we go.  It snowed again yesterday and so this morning it is time to clear it off before getting down to real work.
(Courtesy of VSTA Newsletter)
Makes me a bit jealous of L. She headed down to Arizona yesterday for some corporate training this week. Her biggest concern was how not to carry her heavy coat with her on the plane.  After all it is a toasty 3 degrees out right now with corresponding highs for the day compared to the balmy weather in Arizona (in a city where the BCS National Championship game is being played tonight.)

Odd question of the day: Do you have certain actors/actresses you like to watch and yet you cannot put your finger on why you like to watch their work? I do and it often bothers me as to why I like to watch their work.

In one example that springs to mind, the actress in question is not exceptionally good looking, sexy, or even capable. Her acting seems monolithic and wooden when I reflect upon the performance in retrospect. And yet I will scour NetFlix to find shows and movies she is in just to watch. Why? Who knows?

So do you have similar inexplicable quirks in your viewing preferences?


  1. I kinda feel that way about Nicolas Cage. He's not the best actor nor is he particularly good looking, but I just like him.

    I'm jealous of L too!

  2. I feel that way about Sandra Bullock. I like her by I have no idea why. Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Hmm, no actor or actress comes to mind for me. That's probably because I'm so out of the loop these days when it comes to movies and American television.

    That is a lot of snow you are getting there! A part of me wishes that we can have snow like that here too but I can't imagine pushing around a stroller in that kinda weather! I think I'm quite content with my 3 degree C weather.


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