Saturday, December 3, 2011

Odd Thoughts

Today as I was contemplating my navel after clearing the snow off the sidewalk and driveway, I began to meander down several odd mental pathways. So here are some odd thoughts for your perusal.

1) How great is it to live in a small town? I am out in shorts and parka this morning clearing the snow when the postman pulls up and yells "Hi Dan, just got a package for you, I'll be by with the mail in a bit." as he walks to the door. No comments about my choice of clothing or sanity level or ... That is because in a small town everyone knows your name and accepts your behavior, just as you accept theirs.

2) How different is it to meet the love of your life at different ages? At least for me, the mental picture I see when I close my eyes and kiss L is of the wonderful young girl from 40+ years ago. We have been married for going on 37 years and I still think of her as a teenager. If I had not met her until later in life, what mental image would be the one etched in my memory?

3) How appropriate is this to most arguments?


  1. I've never cleared snow off a sidewalk and have no ambition to start now.

    At least you are thinking of your wife when you close your eyes.

    The poster? Occasionally true.

  2. Re question 2 - I met my wife when she was 28 & I was 30. I'm thinking it was good we both had experience with others; we had a greater appreciation for each other good qualities!

  3. Hahahah great/true picture. Also, I see in your profile that you used to be a mayor. I'M a mayor too! Well, not a real one. But yeah.


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