Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away ...

... come again another day.

We have had rain nearly every day for the last week. More than 3 inches in the last two days alone. Given how little rain we normally get, this seems like a flood of biblical proportions.

Coupled with the rain has been lightning and thunder and wind - so Molly the wonder dog has been Molly the shaking dog hiding on my feet. It's funny but Molly will hang with L as her best buddy until the thunder starts and then it is time to find me. She seems to think that I will save her. {*grin*}

The worst part about the rain is that it is keeping the area dry land wheat farmers from harvesting. Every day while it is too wet and muddy to harvest is yet another chance for hail and wind to destroy the crop. Not a good thing.

The answer to the falsehood in the list of woes and happenings from last time was the boredom of Netflix being down. Everything else was true.

(Does anyone else feel that the new beta blogger tool leaves a lot to be desired? I know that I do.)


  1. So how do you feel about Netflix raising their price 60%?

    Your rain looks fabulous to me but I also know what to much rain can do to a town. One day there will be a happy medium.

  2. Poor Molly--our dog could care less about thunder.

    April and May were soaking for us, but July has been hot and dry. Maybe some of those storms will sneak over and up our way.

  3. Good thing climate change is a myth, eh?

  4. I was thinking the rain in Colorado was because we were visiting. Also it was warmer in Colorado Springs than it was in Vegas. What's with that?

  5. We've been getting random rainstorms in parts of Japan recently too. The rain has caused massive floods that have people wondering what's going on. Of course, now we have a typhoon headed our direction and it's already causing a bit of mayhem in the southern regions.


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