Thursday, April 14, 2011

How To Tell ...

How to tell that you are still young.

First, the conversation between L and the Son on the morning after his 21st birthday party as reported to me:
Son: What time did I get back last night?
L: I don't know - I didn't hear you.
Son: Then do you know how I got home?
L: No.
Now the part that tells you that you are 21 years young. After a night like that, the Son was out and skiing black diamond runs by noon. Only when you are young do you recover that fast.

I was proud of the Son and his friends. He scheduled some days off around his birthday so he could enjoy time with his friends. They were smart and chose to walk/bus on the bar crawl so that they weren't driving. Let's hear it for responsible young adults!

In other signs of 21 year old stamina much closer to home, take a gander at what it is doing outside right now after days in the 80s last week:

Let's hear it for April snows that bring May flowers! (And for Old Man Winter who still believes he is a frisky 21 year old. {*grin*})


  1. Unlike your son, I was one of those drinkers that took 2 days to recover, but I definitely find it harder to recover from 1 glass of wine, never mind a lot.

    Your weather is crazy and horrible. So confusing. I bet the bears went back into hibernation thinking it winter again.

  2. I had to read the conversation several times to make sure I really understood that he was not aware of how he got home. Bwhahahahahahahahaha. That is hilarious.

    And what's that old saying? Youth is wasted on the young or something like that. It's so true. You just can't possibly appreciate the things your body is capable of until you can no longer do those things.

  3. Loved reading the exchange with your son. Spring, spring, spring...


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