Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Heat is On

So much for the summer cold front. It was truly glorious while it lasted, but the reminder of fall and the coming of winter was brief. As I write, the temperature is hovering between 105 and 108 depending on which of my two shade thermometers you believe. Needless to say, tonight's walk is going to be late in the evening and warm.

Speaking of which, I have upped my daily walking to 6 miles a day from 5. It is just enough extra that Molly gives hints that we should turn towards home every time we pass a possible turn off in that last mile. But when I say "Not yet, we still have further to go." she takes it in stride. It hasn't dampened her eagerness when I put on the ear buds and pick up the leash, signaling it is time to head on out.

Which segues naturally into my question of the day: which one or two out of three would you choose? Now that you are bewildered, the question comes from listening to Meatloaf's "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad" last night as I walked. In the ballad, the three refers to the infamous triad of "I want you. I need you. I love you."

Aw heck, just take a quick listen, I'll wait:

In any case, it led my mind to ponder the question(s):
  • If you only get one of the three in a relationship, which one?
  • If you only get two of the three in a relationship, which two?
I assume we all want all three in our ideal relationship, so the question is moot for the case of three. My own answers for the one and two cases are predictable to those who know me. If I only get one, make it love. If I only get two, make it love and want. But I know people who would answer differently, so what are your answers?


  1. Six miles is fantastic. Congrats on the job well done.

  2. I would choose love first and second want.

    6 miles is awesome!

  3. Wow 6 miles! That's quite a walk!

    I'd choose love then want too. Need just sounds so... needy.

  4. I'd choose love and want. I'll bet most of us would. Does Molly snap if you're out in public? You have her muzzle on there.

  5. love and need. Those are more important than want.

  6. I vote for love and need. I'm impressed with that 6 mile walk. Try to stay cool. Thanks for a little meatloaf to add to my breakfast. LOL.

  7. I vote for love first, then want too. But that meatloaf song makes me sad.

    Six miles is fabulous! And yeah, the's heat's a bit ridiculous. We're going camping this weekend and it's supposed to be hot and muggy, with head indexes above 105. And we tent camp. So it'll be steamy.

  8. Molly is precious - have I mentioned that?

    I'd choose love then want, too.

  9. Love & want and 6 miles in your heat is insane - oh wait, bet you have that DRY heat.... :-)


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