Thursday, September 25, 2008

Start of the end

This is nothing more than an initial blog post to see if I have a clue about how this interface works. Pretty much content and thought free (somewhat like my mind most days).

Just to establish some cultural bookmarks here:
USC just lost to Oregon State - let the battle for number one resume.
The lawn mower is giddy-up-gone - so guess how I'm spending the weekend?
Fall approaches - when will the first freeze arrive?


  1. Well, here's to your initial blog post COMMENT!

    And I'm not into science or politics but if you keep writing, I'll be back! ; )

    For now, the kids are getting on the bus, and I'm going back to bed!

    Cheers to your inaugural blog! So far, so good!

  2. Dammit manic mom beat me.

    I also enjoy your short list...and your extremely introspective follow up question.

    Indeed...the first freeze is coming.

  3. Thanks for being a 'follower' at my place Dan, keep in touch and good luck!

  4. You have to start somewhere and that's a great start! Hopefully the lawnmower situation works itself out.

  5. oh i like it! mainly because you could have just written "test" and left it at that, but you probably couldn't help yourself! isn't that a sign of a true writer (or blabbermouth)?

    i'll be back to read more this weekend. thanks for playing along.

  6. Funny first post Dan! I'm with Deb - I love how you couldn't just put "test" out there and leave it at that.

  7. Checking out your first post! This is so fun to explore! You pretty much set your tone from the get go! Love it!


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